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DigDitch is a project of CAD CAM Gateway (Pvt.) Limited that was established in Gujranwala as private limited company. We are manufacturing Earth Moving Machine for Agriculture and Optical Fiber works. We have a wealth of skilled, well trained and quality professionals in the field of mechanical industry. Today innovation, invention and cost effective solution is very much important that’s why our advanced engineering services help to translate customer’s demand into product development efforts by using latest tools and techniques.

Product development is the complete process of delivering a new product or improving an existing one for customers. The customers can be external or internal within a company. And it can support many different types of products to consumer goods and services.

CAD CAM Gateway is a team of engineers and machinists who push the envelope of new technologies and equip others to do the same. We thrive in partnerships with ambitious, R&D-driven companies ready to move from idea to action.

As illustrated in this brochure it is our belief that we are now probably one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of equipment of this type within Pakistan, offering a comprehensive range of products whilst still importantly retaining the flexibility to consider design and build of individual client special requirements.

Our aim is to provide high quality products, reliable in service that offer good value for money to our clients. We endeavour to employ conscientious personnel both in our design and manufacturing processes in our efforts to produce products to give long lasting and troublefree ‘in service life’.

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