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A building is an assemblage that is firmly attached to the ground and that provides total or nearly total shelter for machines, processing equipment, performance of human activities, storage of human possessions, or any combination of these.

Layout design for buildings is the process of providing all information necessary for construction of a building that will meet its owner’s requirements and also satisfy public health, welfare, and safety requirements.

From re-designing an entire flat, building or commercial space up to a single room or bespoke furniture, following the client needs, working together to achieve the best solution for your project.

We can help our clients in every type of commercial activity to have a new identity.

  • We do all kinds of architectural works and provide quality services for the reasonable price.
  • The quality of our services is assured and will be delivered in time.
  • We have years of experience in designing residential, commercial, institutional, public, and hospitality projects.


*Floor Layout Plan

*Property Map

*Area Map

*Park Map

*Map in scale

*Subdivision site plan

*Location Map

*Architectural Map or Line Drawing

*Site map

In the design of a building, CAD CAM Gateway follows the following principles:


  1. The building should be constructed to serve purposes specified by the client.
  2. The design should be constructible by known techniques and with available labor and equipment, within an acceptable time.
  3. The building should be capable of withstanding the elements and normal usage for a period of time specified by the client.
  4. Both inside and outside, the building should be visually pleasing.
  5. No part of the building should pose a hazard to the safety or health of its occupants under normal usage, and the building should provide for safe evacuation or refuge in emergencies.
  6. The building should provide the degree of shelter from the elements and of control of the interior environment—air, temperature, humidity, light, and acoustics—specified by the client and not less than the minimums required for safety and health of the occupants.
  7. The building should be constructed to minimize adverse impact on the environment.
  8. Operation of the building should consume a minimum of energy while permitting the structure to serve its purposes.
  9. The sum of costs of construction, operation, maintenance, repair, and anticipated future alterations should be kept within the limit specified by the client.

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