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Backhoe (Mini Excavator)

Our CCG-300 mini excavator (walking excavator) is a very robust and easy to keep working device, with which you can reach even the hardest to reach places. It is equipped with a 10 HP petrol engine which powers the hydraulic pump. The device does not have its own drive system; however, you can move position through pulling or pushing using the bucket. The boom swing angle range measures a radius of 155 degrees.

To make the device ready for transport the wheels and supports are exchanged between the front and the back ends. As part of the delivery you will also receive a 20 cm wide bucket. As an optional extra, we can also deliver buckets of 35 and 60 cm width.

Due to the simple and minimalistic construction of this excavator, the machine can also be fairly well adjusted to the most varied of demands; for example, several customers have already welded a three-point attachment to the excavator so that they can hang and transport the device using the three point hitch of their tractor.

Back Hoe Technical Specification

  • 4-stroke OHV engine, 10 HP
  • Fuel type: petrol
  • Starter: Recoil starter
  • Load capacity without counterweight: 180 kg
  • Load capacity with counterweight: 326 kg
  • 20 cm bucket included in delivery
  • Trailer coupling and towing mechanism included
  • Wheels and supports exchangeable for transport
  • 4 double acting hydraulic cylinders
  • Four-way control lever steering (2 control levers)
  • Amount of engine oil: approx. 1L (10W40 or 15W40)
  • Hydraulic oil volume: 14.6L (HLP46)
  • max. height: 1970 mm

Backhoe (Mini Excavator) Tractor Mounted

Our company has established itself as the leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Mini Tractor Mounted Backhoe. We ensure that our Mini Backhoe provide great satisfaction to our valuable customers and works efficiently throughout their shelf life. These are known for their easy operation, outstanding quality and high reliability. Dig ditches, dig soil, trench plumbing lines, haul piles of dirt or rocks.
Suitable for mounting on all types of tractors 18-45 hp with 3-point attachment. Simple to connect to the tractor even by a single person, pins and bushings on seams of high quality guarantee long durability.
Supplied with a two year warranty.

PTO shaft CE included.


  • Loader Lifting Height: 7 ft
  • Bucket Pay Load 255 kg
  • Backhoe: Digging
  • Depth: 6.6 Ft
  • Swing: 180 Degree
  • Bucket width: 11″

Tractor Mounted Trencher

Our most powerful flagship trenching machine is a powerful, high performance and modular vehicle that modernized with its new design, ultra-durable trunk and assimilability feature to all tractors.

Our trenching machine designed for wide trenching at confined spaces is a very well selection portable structure and it will make it easier for your purposes with its carrying wheels.

Trencher 1004L
Trencher 1005h
Trencher 1006HS


  • Tractor power range: 65 – 90 HP.
  • Trench length: 200 – 1000 mt/hour.
  • Trench width: 10cm.- 25cm. / Trench depth: max. 500-200 cm.
  • Weight of machine: 1000 kg
  • The salient aspects, uses of the trencher machine